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Drive results by unlocking the missing piece of information about your customers


Enricheo gives you access to
15+ useful attributes of your customers


Current company

Current and past locations

Engagement Score

Influence Score

Communities Active in

Last Active

Community Ranks

Previous companies


Tech stack

Social profiles



Open-source contributions


Analyze and Grow

Use the enriched data to increase conversions, provide tailored experience and increase sales

Lead generation

Lead generation

Identify and qualify leads more efficiently by providing additional information about potential customers, such as job titles, industry, company size, location and more

Sales performance

Sales performance

Enriched data can help sales teams better understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points, enabling them to tailor their sales pitches and close more deals

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Enrich your existing customer data with additional information from Twitter, LinkedIn, Github and more

Create more accurate customer profiles and target their marketing efforts more effectively

Enhanced personalization

Enhanced personalization

Gain deeper insights into customers' interests and preferences, deliver personalized experiences and content

Accurate data analysis

Accurate data analysis

Enriched data sets can provide businesses with more complete and accurate data to analyze, leading to better insights and decision-making

Efficient data management

Efficient data management

Automate the process of updating and verifying customer information, reducing the workload on internal teams and ensuring data accuracy

Product development

Product development

By understanding customer needs and preferences more fully, businesses can build products and services that better meet their customers' needs and preferences

This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Supercharge your product

Unleash the power of information to scale your product

Recruitment platforms

Get birds-eye view of candidate profiles

Marketing automation

Target right audience by knowing about them

CRM systems

Improve sales by understanding customers

Business intelligence

Get complete and accurate data for analysis

Leads generation

Identify potential customers

Customer support

Provide personalized support through audience intelligence

Make better decisions

Understand your customers, plan your product betterand grow your business effortlessly